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Frequently Ask Questions (FAQ)

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What is Spatial Dataset?

A spatial dataset may be a smaller grouping of data which, though limited by some constraint such as spatial extent or feature type, is located physically within a larger dataset. Theoretically a dataset may be as small as a single feature or feature attribute contained within a larger dataset. A hardcopy map or aerial photograph may also be considered a dataset.

What is SLSDI?

Sri Lanka Spatial Data Infrastructure (SLSDI) is defined as the technology, policies, standards, and human resources necessary to acquire, process, store, distribute, and improve the utilization and sharing of geospatial data among the Government institutions, private sector as well as normal public. SDI initiated by the Government mainly to improve awareness about availability of geospatial data and promote sharing them for development of the country.

What is Metadata?

A set of data that describes and gives information about geospatial data. Metadata consists with textual and sometimes graphical information which describe fitness of each dataset for particular application. Further, metadata describe accuracy, timeliness, sharing policy, extent of dataset, quality, original data sources, data formats, applicable scales, year of production/ update, coordinate system, map projection, reference systems, attributes, accessibility, etc.

What is Clearinghouse?

Clearinghouse is the system that collects, stores and disseminates metadata and geospatial data. This may be comprises with multiple servers located on the internet. However, for user, clearinghouse provide metadata collected in a standard format to help queries regarding geospatial information. Clearinghouse helps users to search for available geospatial data, metadata, policy on data, view sample datasets, etc.

What is Geoinformation?

Geoinformation or Geo-information is related to any information which is attached to a specific position on the Earth�s surface. This may be the type of vegetation at a given area, statistical values such as average rainfall in a particular region, elevation data of terrain, satellite images, topographic maps, etc. Geoinformation are available in both digitized and non-digitized forms.

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